I have recently graduated from the University of Portsmouth in Fashion and Textile Design with Enterprise, specialising in print and surface pattern. The time spent on this course allowed me to explore the diversities of colour, space, texture and image. Translating my thoughts and feelings into tales and textiles. During this time I formed my ever growing love for anything and everything that could be hand picked from my world and re-illustrated and intwined into my work. Experimenting with different medias and mediums that could imprint, compress and embellish.

I now have a wide knowledge of the technical necessities needed within design and the importance of research and reflection. Although I have a passion to create and be creative I am endlessly in search of the next challenge; with high hopes to take direction and thoughts from those who are wiser, strengthening my current abilities and inheriting the new. With three years of intense studies and studio practice under my belt I am determined and ready to embark on my next journey, anticipating a role that I can excel in, driving me to deliver quality at the highest standard.

Be Happy and Be Creative…

I am Perri


Charlotte Taylor Breif : Seedling 1

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